2017 FARC Paint Kit + Painting Rules

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2017 FARC Paint Kit + Painting Rules

Post by Ceej on Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:16 pm

2017 FARC Templates - All Series

Painting Rules & Tips

Numbers must be on the doors and roof. The roof number may be rotated however you want. Numbers on the front and back are allowed, but not required.
Numbers must be visible, and each digit of the number must be roughly the same size.
Sponsor Restrictions: Fictional OR present in few states/provinces OR defunct for 20+ years. For as long as I’ve been running FARC, the oddball fictional sponsors have been one of the most fun things about it.
A driver name is not required, but if you put it on the car, it must be on both sides.
The contingencies, Duckroll wheel well and spoiler decals, rookie stripes (if the driver is a rookie), and the windshield banners must appear on the car, unmodified.
Manufacturer stickers may be mixed and modified. Ask me before using manufacturer stickers that aren’t on the template. Do not use real manufacturers, because in our little alternate universe, they don’t exist.
Cars are to be submitted as in-game .car files (the physics don’t matter) or .tga (Targa) flats.
If the paintjob is bad, I will probably ask you to redo it.

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