Round 7 - France

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Round 7 - France

Post by Mother of Invention on Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:11 am

Ben's asleep it appears so let me do the honors. Smile If ya'll don't mind

Drivers and Rejects of the race:

Drivers of the Race: Hannah Percy, Dieter Zeigler, Kellen Rodgers Ashby
Reject of the Race: The WRT cars, Sakura Matoko

Ben's Drivers/Rejects Of The Races:

Race 1
Hannah Percy, Dieter Ziegler: Put on an entertaining battle which no-one knew who would win for half of the race. Percy came out on top but Ziegler, with one more lap, may have had it.
Honorable Mention - Cassandra Collins, Tanya Carter, Kailin Donohue, Stefan Halvari: Fantastic battle for third for literally the entire race. Hard racing and clean until Soren Kanerva came along.
Soren Kanerva: Moved over on his teammate, causing him to get hit by Kailin Donohue and then still managed to nearly wreck the #1 car. Amazing!

Race 2
Kellan Rogers-Ashby: Untouchable.
Honorable Mention - Casey Lester: THAT SAVE THOUGH! Shocked
Katherine Williams: Was swerving left and right and managed to wreck her teammate, before hitting a few more cars then getting deservedly wrecked.
Honorable Mention #1 - Sakura Motoko: Cars are solid, Sakura.
Honorable Mention #2 - Me Todd Benatar: Come on... all the Proline cars have different paint schemes and you still got it wrong twice!

Race 3
Kailin Donohue: Managed to get by Ike Durbin then defend for her life. Drove like a veteran!
Matthews Atlantic Motorsports: Ryan Matthews wrecked Carpant for no apparent reason, Hannah Percy wiped out the 28, Carter Fitzgerald had her part in the lap 1 shenanigans... Kellan Rogers-Ashby was the only one who didn't do anything silly, seemingly!
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Re: Round 7 - France

Post by Ben Atkins on Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:07 am

Feature has been posted.


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