Papy_AI.ini Guides?

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Papy_AI.ini Guides?

Post by gone-sovereign on Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:34 pm

Where might I be able to find a good Papy_AI.ini guide? Quite simply, I'd like to experiment with it on my own because it seems more promising than only doing track.ini modifications (granted track.ini modifications can do a lot too), and I'd at least like to have an idea of what various intervals are supposed to do first before I do anything to them. I'm particularly curious about some of the parameters in the [ driver ] section. Google isn't too helpful on this front. :/

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Re: Papy_AI.ini Guides?

Post by Cynon on Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:25 pm

The difference I've noticed between modifying papy_ai.ini and individual track.inis is that the papy_ai.ini is actually very self-explanatory... if you understand the game's terminology. If you played the old Papyrus games, like N1 or N2/N99 and looked at the game files, think like that and you'll have a much better general understanding.

Anything with spread in the name does exactly what it sounds like it does -- it increases how much even a slight difference in AI ratings affects one particular stat.

The same seems to apply for the following;


...which is, essentially, effectiveness of Aerodynamics, Engine, and Chassis ratings on their own. Or something like that.

Something like driver_qualifying_to_aero_drag, tells me that the higher the car's qualifying stat is, the better the aerodynamics. Since it's a qualifying stat it might only apply in qualifying sessions but I'm not so sure about that.

driver_consistency_to_driver_commitment_dev ... I'm not 100% sure about this one, but I think it affects commitment to stay in line and to not push the issue too much. I assume the word 'dev' is short for deviation.

These two;
I think are just AI spatial awareness in front of them and alongside. I used to play with these a bit but I haven't played with them too much lately because I got more easily reproducible results with modifying individual track.inis. Could just be the tracks I used to try this on though.

I don't think I've ever touched driver_consistency_to_left_offset_dev.

Remember that joke ASCC Texas 500 race I ran? Yeah, that's about when I figured out how much of a difference you can make with the papy_ai.ini after setting the AI drag on the track to 1.8 or 2, some absurd value like that. There really were cars like 10 seconds off the pace (CTS AI seem to have the highest spread from fast to slow cars, and even then it's usually not THAT much at Texas World!) and it was absolute madness. Comical, but madness.

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