1996 Formula Asia 2000 Fictional carset

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1996 Formula Asia 2000 Fictional carset

Post by Milan655 on Mon May 02, 2016 9:52 am

Out of boredom I created a fictional car set to race against on rFactor based upon the idea of the old Formula Asia championship in the mid90s-early00s. Based on the Argentine F4 car with engine from an 1800cc 80s Escort. Many of the schemes are based on real paint schemes of the time.


World Phone Singha Racing
#1 Kasikam Prutirat (THA)

#66 Faizal Zarith (MAL)

Endless Racing
#3 Indra Pawi (IDN)

#10 Hermano Ramiro Basurto (PHI)

#11 Zheng Lin Chen (CHN)

#18 Wei Pan (CHN)

#78 Lim Chu (CHN)

WR Racing by Castrol
#6 Sunder Narendra (IND)

#9 Brion Caulfield (AUS)

#17 Rupert Theodore (CHN)

#28 Marco Zambrano (ITA)

Team LJR
#7 Yi Liu (SIN)

Sentul Motorsport
#63 Susilo Sukarno (IDN)

Edwin So Racing
#90 Charlie So (SIN)


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Re: 1996 Formula Asia 2000 Fictional carset

Post by SpeedDemon37 on Mon May 02, 2016 4:48 pm

Not personally knowledgeable as to which exact schemes are based off of real ones, but they are all nice. The Endless and WR cars especially!

Unrelated note, but I really wish that rFactor tracks could be converted to NR. Guia Circuit is near the top of my track wishlist!

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Re: 1996 Formula Asia 2000 Fictional carset

Post by Cynon on Tue May 03, 2016 10:58 am

Digging the Castrol cars and those body shapes. How hard are they to paint on?

Looks like you did your homework on the set, though! Very Happy

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Re: 1996 Formula Asia 2000 Fictional carset

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