Daytona Pre-Race

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Daytona Pre-Race

Post by Ceej on Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:24 am

Apex Racing School Rookie Shootout

Parsons takes Karl's P1 Award

65 cars hit the track at Daytona for Karl's P1 qualifying, and after the dust settled, Stanley Parsons and the Wesley Family Racing team stood on top of the charts with a time of 42.895 seconds, just shy of a 210 MPH average speed, earning his first career Karl's P1 Award. Leslie Riggs, in her first of just 2 scheduled starts with Motor Assault Racing, will join Parsons on the front row with a time of 42.940 seconds.

Riggs, who will be assuming her duties as promoter at the Albuquerque Speedbowl in a few months, spoke highly of her new team and the #9 Inglesby, noting that "these [Motor Assault Racing] guys have really learned a lot over the winter. I wish I could race more just to hang out with them!"

Parsons will lead at the start of the first race in the LoBo Twin 100s, while Riggs will lead at the start of race 2. As long as they finish their respective races, they will retain their starting spots. As for the rest of the field, race 1 will determine the inside line, and race 2 will determine the outside. The LoBo Twin 100s will count for points and eligibility for the FARC-Off, the new playoff format for the FARC Smash Beer/Lowe Dollar Series championship.

The #777 entry of Max Holifield showed up to the track late and could not take part in qualifying. He will start race 2 from the rear of the field.

Starting lineup - LoBo Twin 100s Race 1:
1. #427 Parsons
2. #94 Jack Ashcroft
3. #7 Stephans
4. #24 Orwell
5. #74 Tauger
6. #4 Burgundy
7. #46 Johnson
8. #25 D. Holifield
9. #20 K. Brillon
10. #22 Rook
11. #82 Azarov
12. #07 Griffith
13. #102 Z. Denman
14. #86 Arias
15. #66 Stater
16. #48 O'Connor
17. #28 Quackenbush
18. #62 Singer
19. #196 Alanko
20. #27 Scott
21. #919 A. Riggs
22. #83 Lacy
23. #200 Carpino
24. #78 Gray
25. #18 Kidd
26. #5 Malone
27. #11 R. Leckliter
28. #17 Underwood
29. #55 Holter
30. #40 Coleman
31. #76 Krieger
32. #00 Peterson
33. #26 Young

Starting lineup - LoBo Twin 100s Race 2:
1. #9 L. Riggs
2. #61 M. Thompson
3. #16 Childers
4. #63 Monroe
5. #50 George
6. #101 R. Denman
7. #51 Schivilen
8. #89 Smith
9. #71 Gott
10. #88 Pacer
11. #2 Smith-Thompson
12. #96 Splison
13. #69 West
14. #10 D. Leckliter
15. #204 St. Martin
16. #41 Webster
17. #98 Walker
18. #64 A. Tucker
19. #100 Brayton
20. #75 LaMarre
21. #8 Carlisle
22. #09 Bates
23. #38 Durbin
24. #12 Spavital
25. #99 T. Tucker
26. #54 J. Burr
27. #422 Birch
28. #68 Dudding
29. #0 Clough
30. #03 Ellison
31. #91 Gordon
32. #04 Henry
33. #777 M. Holifield

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Re: Daytona Pre-Race

Post by Backmarker on Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:27 pm

Parsons Looks to Lead Daytona Field
Stanley Parsons, driver of the number 427 car, made a strong start to his 2016 FARC season by earning the pole for the season opener at Daytona. It is his first career pole in the Smash Beer/Lowe Dollar Series, in his first start for Wesley Family Racing.

"Stanley did a great job finding the best line around the speedway", new car owner Carter Wesley said. "When we came back to the top FARC series, we wanted to put a lot more time and effort into engineering these cars, and Stanley's been doing a great job getting the power out of them. I have a feeling our team can surprise some people this year."

Parsons is currently scheduled for the majority of the season, with the returning Neil Miller expected to drive the car in select races in the Northeast.

Richard Scott Returns to FARC
Former Elite Series driver Richard Scott made a surprise return to FARC for Daytona, appearing on the final revision of the entry list just before teams departed for the track. Scott, who last competed in FARC in 2014, will drive a car owned by himself and his father, with technical support from Wesley Family Racing.

"With all the buzz about FARC this season, I figured we ought to try to put together a fast car and go for a big win. With my schedule right now, this is the only race I'm planning to run this year, but we'll see if we can possibly work something else for the last race."

Scott scored two top 5s and a handful of top 10s in FARC before departing to continue his career in the TM Master Cup Series. He cited the stress of running full-time in TM Lights and FARC, and for the Independent's Trophy, in 2014, as his motivation to leave the series where he had found modest success. He will start 20th in his qualifying race.

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Re: Daytona Pre-Race

Post by Rovenami on Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:44 pm

Tauger displeased with Peterson after being held up in closing stages of the Rookie Shootout, hopes for redemption at LoBo twins
Austrian FARC driver, Treck Tauger, was none to pleased with the way Troy Peterson was holding him up in the Rookie Shootout.
"I can't believe that guy. He (Peterson) screwed over not just me of a good run, but also screwed over the fans of a possible battle for the lead."
After posting a 10th place qualifying, Tauger hopes to bounce back after the incident.
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Re: Daytona Pre-Race

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