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Toddring Pre-Race

Post by Ben Atkins on Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:35 pm

Jack Phillips: "Thompson has learned nothing from 2015."

Jack Phillips, the father of the late South African driver, Ebony Phillips, has spoken out against Dash Cup CEO Dean Thompson, claiming Thompson has learned nothing and is repeating the mistakes that he and Ryan Truro made in 2015. Ebony Phillips was killed in an accident in the Oval Stocks series at Rockingham in 2015 when her car hit the wall and catchfence roof first.

"I get they are a stock car series primarily, but their track choices and... well general choices are horrific," said Jack Phillips, "My daughter died because of the mistakes made last year, by both her team and the fools at the top... maybe people thought it was the drivers but they are blind. Thompson learned nothing from his own mistakes. The only mistake Truro did was quit."

In Super Stocks practice on Friday, some of the faster cars were averaging laps at over 215mph, while Matilda Dillinger, who grew up an Ebony Phillips fan, hit the fastest speed in practice, hitting 223mph while catching up to the pack with her teammate Jacob Eichholtz. Eichholtz himself was not far off, hitting 222mph, and getting a lap time averaging at 218mph.

However, the extreme speed, never seen by Dash Cup before, is not an issue to drivers.

"I think the high speeds actually act as an incentive to drive smarter" said 2014 Driver's Champion Hannah Percy, "In 2013, we had wrecks in practice from drivers trying things that would never work. The only incident we had was in the Rookie Race, and that proved how strong the cars are... [Gabriel] Macena and [Amanda] Torres slammed the wall in turn one, but they were fine."

"Speed is only just a number if you know what you're doing out there with your fellow drivers." If everyone keeps their head on straight, it shouldn't make a difference whether it's 30 mph or 300. I'm confident in the reinforcements these teams have made to these chassis over the offseason." said Jacob Eichholtz, agreeing with Percy's statement, "Just have to avoid some of the plowing into the wrecks we've seen over the years. The yellow flag is coming out, there's no reason to be going full-speed seeing there's no way that your opportunity to win diminishes by slowing down."

On the other hand, there were some drivers that did admit they did not feel entirely safe.

"Honestly, when I think about the speeds I'm doing, it's a little unsettling." said the Aspira Juniors participant Emily Brannagan, who won the Rookies Only Race, "But I get in the car and race. I just forget about what speeds I'm doing and try to drive with my head on."

Jack Phillips is planning a boycott of the race at the Rockingham Motor Speedway, the site of his daughters fatal accident, as well as a fatal accident in 2012 involving Ben Tremblay and Shawn Glenhooke, however it is not known if this will actually take place or not.

Dash Cup CEO Dean Thompson was not available for a comment.

(OOC: Thank you to pennst24 for the Jacob Eichholtz comment.)


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