Hello! I am increasing the length of my title! ;)

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Hello! I am increasing the length of my title! ;)

Post by koreawut on Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:08 am

Hello World!

I'll start by saying I'm so nub here, I can't even finish typing that word.  I have sometimes lurked these boards over the last...I don't even know.  I stopped my whole online presence for some years, then came back over at SRD before being rage-banned.  I was reminded that a place like this exists--I believe--in a Facebook post on Wild Kustoms & Cars.  Now here I am.

I'm 34. Male. American. Expat. I reside in the Philippines where I do the daily chores while my wife attends university.  Daily chores?  I feed the two cats, do my homework (University of Phoenix Online.. yuck.  English major, though!) and watch whatever racing I can get my eyes on.  Yeah, those are my chores.  I love my chores.  Sometimes I have to clean the house but eh... my wife just makes it dirty a few hours later, she never really knows the difference, anyway.  Speaking of... I should clean soon, we have company tomorrow!

Racing I watch...  well, I just finished catching up on the 2015 DTM series and was planning to watch the 2015 BTCC series but figured I might as well just wait for 2016 season.  I also enjoy Formula 1, Formula E and Indycar as my open-wheeled attractions.  Of course there's always the three top-tier NASCAR series we all know about.  I also watch the K&N Pro Series East & West (but generally speaking, no modifieds.  No time!)  Lately I've been watching the 2016 Argentinian stock car series, which seems pretty legit.   I also watch the clippets of NASCAR Euro on YouTube and the NASCAR Mexico Series on livestream.com.

I also have a Facebook group where I showcase my NR2003 efforts and the first effort is the 2015 NASCAR Mexico Series car set!  It's not yet available, though, as I took a long break to get married, move, etc.  It's coming.  Soon.  Let me know if you're interested.

Let's see... I also have a whole alternate universe created with several different personal leagues running... I have 14 personal leagues going this year!  Did I mention I love keeping house?

P.S. my wife is 21 and the both of us tend to incorporate new ways of speaking into our daily lives.  She absolutely loved Scream Queens, so if you ever hear me speak in person just be prepared to understand that my wife is Chanel #1.  Angelic

I've typed enough...now it's time to go do some house work.

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