2016 AST Voltson Super Trucks Paint Schemes

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2016 AST Voltson Super Trucks Paint Schemes

Post by SpeedDemon37 on Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:42 pm

I realized that I have never posted any of the paint schemes that I have used in my offline league, so here are 15 of the trucks that will be featured in 2016 season! Ten of them are for my own entries, and five of them are requests from other users.

Schemes That Were Used in 2015

#7 - Brianna Princehorn (Lake Erie Motorsports)
#25 - Mary Brissot (Curtis Sawyers Racing)
#32 - Gordon Davis (Ace Racing Motorsports)
#68 - Conner Koda (P2M Motorsports)
#82 - Darrell Quick (Too Quick Motorsports)
#84 - Zach Churchill (Lake Erie Motorsports)


Schemes That Are New in 2016

The #75 has a different number style, and the #500 and the #501 have new sponsor logos, but they are technically using the same paint schemes as they did the year before.

#3 - Riley Durbin (Focus Autosports)
#06 - John White (Bullring Motorsports)
#75 - Amberly Weiss (Team Michigan)
#90 - Kevin Thompson (Backfire Motorsports)
#94 - Juan Cortez (Midwest Motors)
#95 - Alex DeFranco (Midwest Motors)
#402 - Rachel Kowalczyk (Blue Water Racing)
#500 - Jeffer Jackson (Home Grown Racers)
#501 - Jenny Jackson (Home Grown Racers)



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