Round 12 - Germany

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Round 12 - Germany

Post by Ben Atkins on Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:26 am

Driver/Reject of the Round:

Vincenzo Fochesato - Held off one of the strongest cars in the field twice and finally got his overdue win(s) in style!

Honourable Mention - Tony Holyfield: One of the best rookies in a LONG time!

Daxter Hamlett - Ran into everything and anything.


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Re: Round 12 - Germany

Post by SpeedDemon37 on Sat Dec 19, 2015 12:23 am

Post-Race Press Release:
Vincenzo Fochesato Wins His First Two Career Races @ Norisring
28 June 2015

Following the completion of the first of today’s Dash Cup Pirelli Super Touring Series races at Norisring, all that could be heard over the radio transmission of driver Vincenzo Fochesato was a series of exultant shouts and cheers. After several seconds, he finally managed to exclaim something that he never previously had in his professional racing career; “We won!!!”

The rookie Fochesato had started the first race of the German GP from the pole position – the first of his Dash Cup career – by virtue of his qualifying time. With the help of unfavorable passing conditions due to rainwater on the track, he was able to lead the entire event, holding off Kellan Rogers-Ashby and Patrick Arceneau to score the first win of his Dash Cup PSTS career in his 32nd start (not including the exhibition Rookies-Only Race in March).

Upon stepping out of his car, Fochesato received a hug from girlfriend Kateryna Hryhorczuk. Soon after, he hurried to the podium, all the while congratulating his crew members and apparently shaking uncontrollably.

With a grand smile and nearly inarticulate with joy, Fochesato spoke to the press from atop the Race 1 podium alongside Rogers-Ashby and Arceneau.

“I, I…” Fochesato interrupted himself with a laugh. “I still can’t tell if this is a dream; it’s either that or a dream come true! It’s… I can’t even believe that I’m here! It’s indescre- incredis- I’m really sorry; I can hardly speak! I’m just so happy! I owe everything to my family and my friends and the team and the fans and FIAM and Camozzi for all that they do! Grazie di tutto! Grazie mille! We’re Dash Cup winners!!! This is one of the greatest days of my life!”

The Italian spoke in a more solemn manner when responding to a question as to how he planned to celebrate. “I’m going to give this trophy to my grandfather, Gianetto. He used to live here in Nürnberg, and for all my life he's told me so many stories about it.” He then took a moment to pause. “Unfortunately he’s been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, but he’s always been an amazing grandfather and has done so much for me. He loves this city, and for everything that he’s ever given me, I hope to give a little something back.”

As happy as he was to celebrate the victory, the FIAM Engineering driver would not have to wait long for win number two.

Fochesato would repeat his accomplishment in Race 2 by leading every lap and scoring the win, although he had to fiercely defend the lead from Kellan Rogers-Ashby in order to do it. The damp roads and interference from lapped traffic would hinder the progress of his opponents and allow him to stand atop the podium once again. He started the reverse-grid Race 3 from 29th-place, and was involved in a multi-car crash in the second corner of the event, which cost him too much time to be able to finish in the top 20. As of the completion of Race 3, he ranks 11th in the championship points standings.

From recreational kart racing to the Karjala Grand Prix, the two wins that he scored today were the first for Fochesato in any automobile race since the late model stock car feature of 5 May 2012 at the Berlin Raceway in Michigan.

The next round of the 2015 season will take place one week from now at the Bikernieki Circuit in Latvia, on the day of Fochesato’s 23rd birthday.

“I’ll always remember this day for the best of reasons!” said Fochesato after Race 3. “It’s been absolutely amazing!”

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