(Super Series Race 6) Duluth

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(Super Series Race 6) Duluth

Post by racingfreak1999 on Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:03 am

I'm sorry this took forever to get up.  Some of you who go on the GOMA Teamspeak already know why this took forever.  The AI on this track isn't very good.  The initial race I had saved had a problem with cars sliding off the track in turn 2.  Not to mention hitting the turn 5 curb killed the car.  So I adjusted the .ini to where they don't hit the curb and don't run off the track every lap.  But the racing was follow the leader throughout the entire field.  So rather than wait for Cooper to redo the .lp's, as I put this off long enough, I decided to keep the initial race as that was more interesting than any other attempt I did.  However, other than the cars going offtrack, the racing wasn't that great.  So this race is only a writeup.  This race was the only thing holding the season back.  I already have Langhorne and Rockford run and I'll try to make the videos as short as possible so it doesn't take forever to do them.  Again, I'm sorry it took this long to update you guys on the situation and I have every intention to complete the season with the best of my ability.

Ramirez conquers Duluth

After losing to Andy Pearson in the Green-White-Checkered at Mosport, Osvaldo Ramirez continues to show his skill on road courses, holding of title contender John Alexander to earn his first FARC Duckroll Super Series win at the Duluth Raceway in Minnesota.  Ramirez has proven to be quite skillful on the road courses as his only other FARC win came in the Truck Series race at the Circuit of the Americas in 2014.

Ramirez led 23 of the 40 laps, earning him the 10 bonus points for leading the most laps, in the relatively quite race.  The only problem throughout the race was the lack of grip in turn 2 and to a lesser extent turn 7.  However, all three off the race's cautions occurred in turn 7, none of which caused retirements.  Despite that, a lot more drivers found difficultly in navigating turn 2.

The most notable incident occurred on the very first lap when Aubrey Wood ran off course in the aforementioned turn 2.  When she attempted to return to the racing surface, she got into the side of the 72 of Johnson Clap, which spins her around.  She is then rear-ended by Billy Ray Smith-Thompson.  The caution didn't wave and Wood would keep going (however, she would retire from the race after running off turn 2 again and hitting the wall a few laps later), but Smith-Thompson would retire from the race.  Smith-Thompson, along with 3 others (including race winner and points leader Andy Pearson), started in the rear of the field after causing incidents under caution at Mosport.  This is Smith-Thompson's 5th DNF of the season.

Pole-sitter Justin Slade (his third pole of the season) led the first 15 laps until the caution came out on lap 15, when Slade came into pit road during the caution to repair damage from earlier contact with the wall, putting him in the back of the field.  Slade worked his way back into the top 15 until he went off in turn 2 on the final lap, resulting in a 20th place finish.

Points leader Pearson, Gilbert, rebound from penalties

Despite winning the race at Mosport, points leader Andy Pearson was one of the four drivers forced to start at the rear of the field for avoidable contact under caution during that race.  It didn't matter to the Elite Series legend as he worked his way through the field and with the exception of one off in turn 2, came back to finish 10th and keeps his points lead intact, 28 points ahead of John Alexander.  Another driver penalized after Mosport is Charles Gilbert.  The defending East champion, who's had a horrendous season only finishing one race, after going off in turn 2 early in the race rebounded better than Pearson and finished 6th, his best finish of the year and the first time he's seen the finish since the opener at Texas World.  The sixth place finish also earned Gilbert the Hard Charger bonus.

Azzaretto has stellar top 10 run

Anybody in the KAT Motorsports garage will tell you that Frank Azzaretto has had a very luckless career in racing.  Never being able to catch a break, making silly mistakes that cause him to self-destruct on track, as well as his very violent temper are among the many things new owner Kathryn Azure has to deal with with him.  However when things go right, he can be quite competent on track.  Today has one of those days.  

After starting 14th, Azzaretto was one of the few drivers to keep it on the track.  The Long Island native ran in the top 5 for much of the second half of the race until he was passed late in the race by Sarah Carlisle and Charles Gilbert.  He still managed to hang on to a 7th place finish, his best finish of the season.

"We just took a very conservative approach to this race.  I didn't try to push the car too much and we tried to take advantage of everyone else that did go off.  I did however try my best to hold of the 83 for a top 5 at the same time trying not to screw up turn 2.  We might not have been the fastest car, we just didn't make any mistakes."

Holifield impresses in debut

Peak Williamson Race Tech has now gone through their third different driver in their 62 car this season.  Scott Wheeler, two races after he took over the 62 after the team fired Alan Cavagnaro after Carbondale, was benched by the team for this race after causing a multitude of accidents at Mosport.  PWRT put Max Holifield in the car for this race and he sure did impress.  Holifield kept the car on the track, kept it off of other cars, and even out-paced teammate Johnson Clapp.  Holifield finished 12th, narrowly missing the top 10 and giving the 62 team its best result this season.  However, despite the impressive run, Wheeler is expected to be back in the car at Langhorne.

Turn 2 Body Count/Scorecard/Yes, I Did This Out of Boredom:
19-Koch 4
20-Brillon 4
51-Glanville 4
3-Durbin 3
88-Gray 3
X2-Santos 2
69-West 2
86-Arias 2
93-Wood 2
1-Slade 1
2-A. Pearson 1
5-Malone 1
10-Gilbert 1
11-Leckliter 1
32-Kelly 1
44-Johannson 1
75-Alexander 1
76-Prescott 1
427-Parsons 1

The winner is Koch, Brillon, and Glanville.  They win the prestigious honor of Reject(s) of the Race.

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Re: (Super Series Race 6) Duluth

Post by SpeedDemon37 on Wed Nov 18, 2015 9:33 pm

Post-Race Press Release:
Wood Retires Early After Crashing at Duluth

After mechanical issues kept her from running well at Mosport, Aubrey Wood came to Duluth Raceway with one more opportunity to try to showcase her abilities on a road course in the FARC Duckroll Super Series. Trouble would find the #93 Joe Tree Lenard, however, for the second race in a row, this time of Wood's own accord.

After qualifying in 17th-place, she would overdrive the exit of turn 2 on the opening lap and drive into the grass. In attempting to merge back onto the track, she pulled into the door of the passing car of Johnson Clapp, causing her car to spin before it was struck in the right-rear by Billy Ray Smith-Thompson. Wood continued on with a heavily-damaged car, but drove off of the same corner on lap 7, this time striking the wall and inflicting enough damage to force to team to retire the car.

A disappointed yet optimistic Wood would say after stepping out of the car; "I was really excited about these road course races, but I messed up in turn 2 twice, and now my team has me to thank for a wrecked car. I know races like this happen sometimes, but I don't think throwing the car off on lap 1 is something I can excuse. I really want to make it up to them at Langhorne; I think we can do really well there!"

With a 33rd-place finish in the race, Wood falls from 7th to 12th in the overall points standings. Her Desert Star Motorsports teammate, Sarah Carlisle, finished in 4th-place, and replaces her as the driver who holds the 7th-place rank in the championship.

The next race for the FARC Duckroll Super Series will be in Pennsylvania at the circular mile known as the Langhorne Speedway.

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