Race 09: Round of Germany

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Race 09: Round of Germany

Post by Magus978 on Sun Jun 07, 2015 5:03 pm

Season Overview

Reject of the Race: Gessler
Managed to find new and even more painful ways of self-destructing. At their home race, of all places. Were it not for dreadful reliability, Kekkonen and Dwyer would have likely been podium contenders, and Dwyer only came 5th because so many other people threw it off in turn 1!

DDE Post-Race Report:
Moore Creates More Havoc, Delgado to Take Disciplinary Measures

Tom Moore caused a ton of chaos this afternoon at the Nurburgring, causing several incidents. On the first lap, he wrecked Ben Atkins. Later, he held up several leaders & had a tussle with Chris Davenport. From his home in Brooklyn, NY, team co-owner Tom Delgado has vowed to take disciplinary action against Moore for his antics.

"The dangerous driving on display by Tom (Moore) was unacceptable. When you're a backmarker, you have to adhere to a different set of rules. With his reckless driving, Tom violated almost every rule I have when it comes to that, and I will not stand idly by and let it go. Therefore, I intend on withholding his wage for this race as well as his prize money until he proves to me that he can race on a road course and not be a weapon. My intention is for Tom to learn what he did wrong and make good for it in the future" Delgado said in a statement.

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Re: Race 09: Round of Germany

Post by Ben Atkins on Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:28 pm

Atkins left frustrated after first corner crash

Ben Atkins said he was left "angry and frustrated" after a crash left his car heavily damaged in the first turn of the first TM Master Cup race, and Atkins' first foray at the Nurburgring. The crash was started when Tom Moore pinched Louis Kingston and Packer Carroll, sending Carroll careening into Atkins and Joe Olenick's cars. Atkins was able to struggle to the finish, but was less than impressed with the start.

"I made sure to give the finger to the #19 guys when I drove past their pit box at the end of the race. That move was downright stupid. Who the hell wrecks everyone before the first turn? I figured getting a decent qualifying spot like I did would help me stay out of drama, but it just meant I started in front of that moron. I should have expected it with how he's been this season anyway. Must be demoralising having your teammate make you look awful week in week out."

"It just frustrates me that we're in the top tier of motorsports here and we're meant to be the best of the best, but moves like that tell the contrary. I understand wrecks happen, but I'm angry and frustrated that one happened. It was a baffling move. I'd expect to see a move that like in local banger races, not in Master Cup."

"No doubt, Tutino will work their asses off like they have all season to patch this car up. We seem to be consistently quicker this year, but the luck isn't their for us all the time. On top of that, this being my 2nd full time year with the team, I fully understand the car and how to drive it, so I'm able to get more out of it. Hopefully runs like Karjala come to us more. We're capable of running more like that, and we're capable of cracking the top 10 before the season is out. I believe in this team all the way."

Atkins still is tied with his teammate Benoit Voeckler on points, but Dan Mullen during the broadcast said Atkins "had won the team battle quick comprehensively." Atkins is currently following the footsteps of his 2013 teammate Alessandro Rossini, who had performed much better than him. Rossini moved onto Volpi Racing Team, where he currently leads the points. With rumours floating around that Atkins may have a chance of signing for a bigger team for next season, could he follow Rossini by going to a new team for next season?


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Re: Race 09: Round of Germany

Post by Cynon on Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:50 pm

Posted results and points.

Effort Equals Results

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Re: Race 09: Round of Germany

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