2014 PCC Cup Series: Race 7: Mansfield

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2014 PCC Cup Series: Race 7: Mansfield

Post by Syzygy on Mon Apr 06, 2015 2:08 am

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Re: 2014 PCC Cup Series: Race 7: Mansfield

Post by Tanrar on Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:04 am

PCC Post-Race Reactions:
Cobb embarrassed by mid-race incident, speaks up about buying out rides
"I wanna say first off, I'm sorry to Alex [Phillips] about ruining his race, that was my bad, got a little too aggressive, but I've gotta say, it's a sad day when the person who came in with the points lead has to resort to buying out a much faster car than her to make it in. At least have some dignity when you fail to qualify and step away instead of getting some money from your team to throw at someone who earned their spot in the field." A very passionate Duncan Cobb said, after the events at Mansfield which ended his race prematurely.

Wayne Colter scores a fantastic Top 5 on debut
"I am very proud of the great American men and women who put this car together for this race. We showed all the foreigners invading this series what American muscle can do! It's a shame that that disgusting Putin-pleasing communist Ms. Lazareva and that bankrupt Gyro muncher Nick Korodovos finished ahead of us, but good on Ray Lee for bringing home the trophy to the good ol' US of A. WE. THE PEOPLE." This is what the... unique Wayne Colter had to say post-race at Mansfield.

Neil Underwood displeased with Brancher after early-race accident
"First off, I wanna thank Miller Lite, Waffle House, Mafia Bros. Pizza and Cow Tree Nursery and Ice Cream for giving me their support in this race. I hate that it had to be ended by some no-talent turd from New Mexico. People wonder why the only notable thing from New Mexico is a show about meth cooks, there's your answer. They don't have the brains to run a clean race."

Roy Koch impresses as last-minute replacement for Sahm Lusahr
"Gosh, I'm a lucky man to get to run this race and bring this car home top 20... but I sure hope Sahm [Lusahr]'s OK. It's just not like him to go and disappear like that. I'm sure the lord will protect him and keep him safe, so just keep Sahm in your prayers until we find him." Roy Koch said, after PCC's only Mormon driver brought the #21 car home in 20th.

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Re: 2014 PCC Cup Series: Race 7: Mansfield

Post by Mother of Invention on Mon Apr 06, 2015 10:11 am

Local driver does well, very well at Mansfield

Ray Lee Had been racing and places like Mansfield and Queen City for years, but now his knowledge of the Ohio short track payed off big time. Ray Lee dominated the second half of the 250 lap Mansfield race to secure his first win in his first start. "It's a dream come true!" said the three time Queen City track champion! "I am so gonna try to make a few more of these races, finnally having a chance to make the big show and win it all! I'm speechless"

Brancher responds after strong run

"Man it's cause those racers are not from New Mexico and thus they don't have my level of talent! if ya don't wanna be a talentless hack then live in New Mexico!"

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