Buyout deal completed/Replacing the Lycoia Brute

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Buyout deal completed/Replacing the Lycoia Brute

Post by gwoodard41 on Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:32 am

News reports today confirmed the buyout of the Aura Corporation, a small luxury brand that had fallen into economic disarray due to the lack of demand, the Aura Corporation was successfully merged with Lycoia Motors after being bought out for 220 Million Dollars. Along with the buyout, comes a new luxury line, most vehicles on the line will be rebranded as different models.

Make: Aura
Model Name: Cosmos
New Model Name: Striker
Model Type: Luxury Sedan

Make: Aura
Model Name: Aurora
New Model Name: Merit
Model Type: Luxury SUV

Officials have made plans to replace the Brute with the Striker in 2012, this comes at the surprise of Terra International Motorsports who now are being told to switch for advertisement reasons, so far Gerald Lamb has agreed, and plans to enter the Striker in the Decatur one off.


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