Bikernieki Short Course

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Bikernieki Short Course

Post by Cynon on Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:57 pm Link

Bikernieki Short Course. I cut the part of Bikernieki that was apparently only used for rallycross out. This is based off of a seemingly abandoned alpha that was made by Ervins Reinverts. It's not very accurate to the real track, the trees are MUCH closer to the track and I think the actual track itself is narrower. The paddock also is different from the real track... but the layout is pretty close.

I felt this track deserved to get finished... so NR finally has a working track in Latvia. Woo.

Checking full pace lap will be a standing start, unchecking it will be a rolling start.

The spectator camera is essentially another TV camera, which is kinda similar to what I did with my E4 and RoadOne cameras.

The AI is pretty aggressive. The fast setup was made with them in mind... I must be off to the Lylat system for my next track project...

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