2015 Apex Racing School Rookie Shootout

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2015 Apex Racing School Rookie Shootout

Post by Ceej on Thu Feb 05, 2015 5:56 pm

1 9 B Carlisle -R- 30 5 Running
2 19 T Rowe -R- 30 14* Running
3 6 R Durbin -R- 30 2 Running
4 16 L Pellerin -R- 30 0 Running
5 4 J Walls -R- 30 9 Running
6 3 J Rivers -R- 30 0 Running
7 11 R Leckliter -R- 30 0 Running
8 5 D Holifield -R- 30 0 Running
9 8 E Goodman -R- 30 0 Running
10 10 C Lester -R- 30 0 Running
11 14 J Pacer -R- 30 0 Running
12 12 M Duncan -R- 30 0 Running
13 17 Z Churchill -R- 30 0 Running
14 2 E Garza -R- 30 0 Running
15 13 K Cobb -R- 30 0 Running
16 15 G Gray -R- 30 0 Running
17 18 R Carter -R- 28 0 Running
18 1 T Ellison -R- 27 0 Running
19 7 M St. Martin -R- 8 0 Retired

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Re: 2015 Apex Racing School Rookie Shootout

Post by crl on Fri Feb 06, 2015 12:33 am

Furious Walls rips Ellison for costing him, MT Motorsports FARC Rookie Shootout

Jacob Walls made quite the impression in his FARC Elite Series debut in the Apex Rookie Shootout at Texas World Speedway in College Station.

But it probably should've been a winning one.

Walls, a 20-year-old Arkansan, who will split MT Motorsports' 44 car with Shane Williams this season, finished fifth in the Rookie Shootout, after starting third and leading many laps, managing to keep himself near the front for most of the race.

He was leading the race with two laps to go, when he and the rest of the lead pack encountered the slow car of polesitter Trueman Ellison. Ellison was in the outside line on the backstretch, the very line Walls was driving on. Walls caught up to Ellison, and couldn't pass him immediately. He tried to cut to the inside in Turn 3, only to have Ellison cut down in front of him, holding up both lanes of traffic. Bradley Carlisle rocketed off with the win.

After the race, an angry Walls did not hold back his frustration.

"Why the hell was [Ellison] still out there?" Walls said. "We all saw him in pole qualifying; he was slower than molasses. We all knew he wasn't gonna win this race from pole. For God's sake, a little kid in one of those battery-powered kiddie cars would've lapped him. We would've walked off with the trophy today if it weren't for that jackass. Me and Shane would've sat atop the FARC points standings for at least a couple of days."

Walls, though, did ruffle some feathers himself during the race. He made contact with Efrain Garza on the backstretch on the first lap, and later Riley Durbin in almost the exact same spot. In both cases, Garza and Durbin managed to keep their cars from spinning.

"I certainly wasn't trying to wreck either of them; Lord knows this series has enough of people who do that. But I will use the bumper from time-to-time if need be."

Mark Mummert, father of TM Master Cup Series driver Kraig Mummert, and the new head of MT Motorsports' FARC program, applauded his rookie's effort, and lamented the missed chance.

"Jacob was awesome today; he definitely should've won," the elder Mummert said. "He drove really well, and kept it near the front all day. Too bad some people in this series have no courtesy."

In addition to missing out on the 25 bonus points to start the season, MT Motorsports also missed out on the guaranteed starting spot in Sunday's Smash Beer 200.

Many, including OEN commentator Scott Bush, wondered aloud if MT Motorsports would abandon its plan to have Williams drive the car for Sunday's official season opener. Walls and Williams are to alternate the car race-by-race this season, to allow each driver to gain experience on all track types.

Mummert confirmed Williams would've still driven on Sunday if Walls had won.

"Like I said, we want both of our drivers to get experience on all tracks. Shane would've been in the car on Sunday if Jacob had won. And besides, it's not like Shane is slow. You all saw him in pole qualifying."

Indeed, the Memphis native Williams finished third in pole qualifying for the Smash Beer 200, and will start from the pole in the first B-Main. Many are predicting that Williams will successfully qualify for the race on Sunday.

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Re: 2015 Apex Racing School Rookie Shootout

Post by Memoriesallbutdone on Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:51 am

Todd Rowe and Evan Goodman have good day but...

But this is the race where everything is made up and only 1st matters.
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Re: 2015 Apex Racing School Rookie Shootout

Post by SpeedDemon37 on Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:19 pm

Stong Run for Riley Durbin in Rookie Shootout; Third-Place from Sixth

Rookie driver Riley Durbin has already caught the attention of the temporary occupants of the Texas World Speedway infield this week by qualifying on the outside of the front row for the Smash Beer 200; the season-opening race for the 2015 FARC Elite Series Fueled by Smash Beer season. His performance in the 7th running of the Apex Racing School Rookie Shootout has indicated that he hasn't lost any speed since.

After drawing a 6th-place starting position for the 30-lap exhibition, Durbin charged to the lead at the start, leading the first two laps of the season in the car that was driven in 2014 by Vincenzo Fochesato. Battling among several other contenders for the remainder of the race, Durbin would become trapped behind the lapped car of Trueman Ellison with two laps to go, along with all of the other contenders sans Bradley Carlise. Carlisle would be able to cruise on to the victory with Todd Rowe finishing in second and with Durbin right behind him in third.

Durbin is scheduled to attempt 9 races in the FARC Elite Series this season, competing for the title of Rookie of the Year in the same car that finished runner-up in last year's RotY championship. In addition, he will also be attempting to become the first driver to win the FARC Duckroll Super Series title, as he will be competing in that series for the same team.

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Re: 2015 Apex Racing School Rookie Shootout

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