Cardona Loses Ride, Results

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Cardona Loses Ride, Results

Post by Cynon on Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:20 am

Cardona Loses Ride, Results

Carlos Cardona's results from the first three races in the 2014 TM Lights season have been scrapped after officials deemed that Cardona's car was illegal. Team Timothy did not protest the findings.

The team has apparently chosen to relieve Cardona of driving duties, as Cardona is not on the entry list for the next race at Beaverrun.

"Cardona had brought in some very toxic individuals to our team." an anonymous source inside Team Timothy said.
"Some of them came to Dan [Timothy] and were upset because Carlos didn't dominate Carbondale or Road Atlanta. That kid was just as bad, if not worse than his handlers... you wouldn't believe the things that kid was saying on the radio."

Apparently, sponsors got wind of Cardona's attitude and told Timothy that enough was enough.

"Sponsor called us, told him that we had to find a new driver by the 4th race or they were considering bolting -- even though we were leading the championship!"

Timothy has reportedly approached sportscar driver Rob Briseno for a one-off appearance at Beaverun, but nothing is confirmed. Rumors that Cardona's sister would replace him were denied by Dan Timothy himself.

"The 69 car's season just started, but don't rule us out. We'll get back to victory lane again. We will have nothing to do with Cardona from this day forward."

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Re: Cardona Loses Ride, Results

Post by BlueThunderfan on Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:40 am

OOC: Perhaps Bill Calhoun could get a ride after all?
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