[Regional Cup West] M. Fenton's Summer Special

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[Regional Cup West] M. Fenton's Summer Special

Post by navycook75 on Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:37 am

The West portion of the Regional Cup heads over to Buffalo Downs for their annual dirt race.


Justin Slade leads the field to green.

Jeff Little passes Slade coming off of two for the lead.

Benji Flynn, who was infamously known for his disqualification here in 2010 in the Elite Series race, loses control of the car...

Hits the outside wall...

...and gets hit by Ricky Sellers, the other car that is just a complete eyesore. It is also noted that Theo Smith spun on his own.

Further up the track, Mike Malone and Daniel Kelly get together and spin...

Even further up the track, Aaron Cruise, Brenda Riggs, and Charles Martin have some fun of their own.

Connor Peterson decides to join in.

Tanner Smith spins as well.
Two laps in and we have gone into absolute chaos, what is going on here?

Jeff Little leads on the restart.

Brenda Riggs has to pit to fix damage, she's going to lose a few laps because of this.

Roy Koch spins and brings out the second caution.

Aaron Cruise decides to join in.

Theo Smith spins as well, but away from the accident.

Will Alexander and Josh Pacer spin it.

Alex Santos joins in.

Tanner Smith spins it coming to the Pace Car.

Justin Slade becomes the leader after Jeff Little pits.

Restart lap 11.

Kerry Rodriguez spins and hits the wall.

Roy Koch spins as well.

Restart lap 17

Last years winner, Sarah Carlisle runs second.

Will Alexander and Josh Pacer spin it again.

Restart 22.

Tanner Smith blows up, bringing out the caution...AGAIN.

Connor Peterson blows up further up the track.

Coming to the caution, Benji Flynn spins it.

Causing a bit of a pileup.

Restart lap 27.

Finally a green flag lap.

Mike Malone spins it. Caution once again.

Restart lap 35.

Roy Koch spins it.

Restart lap 41, Ten to go.

Charles Martin spins it.

Restart lap 47.

Charles Martin spins again.

Restart lap 47.

Dan Miller spins.

Mark Thompson flips it.

He would walk away.

Justin Slade leads at the end of regulation.

Green White checkered Attempt number one.

And it lasts one corner.

Coming to the caution, Sarah Carlisle barely beats out Justin Slade.

Attempt number two.

White Flag!

Sarah Carlisle wins a very caution filled race!

Points and results will be posted later.

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