(Truck Tour Race 6) Buffalo Downs

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(Truck Tour Race 6) Buffalo Downs

Post by racingfreak1999 on Wed Aug 20, 2014 1:38 am

Part 1:

Bradley Carlisle starts on the pole.

But Taylor Brillon will lead Lap 1.

Aille Riggs sildes up the track and hits the wall.  She will lose a number of spots.

CAUTION 1: LAP 6 Vincenzo Fochesato slides hits the wall.  He would continue on.

Both A.J. Young and Patrick Johannson would have problems under caution and would lose a lap in the pits.

Tommy Haynes blows up, also under the yellow.  At least now he can't affect the outcome of this race like he did at Langhorne.

RESTART: LAP 11 Taylor Brillon leads on the restart.

CAUTION 2: LAP 12 Jesus Ignacio Chavez III slide and hits the wall.  He would also continue on.

RESTART: LAP 17 Taylor Brillon continues to lead on the restart.

But Aoi Mizushima, who's making her debut, takes the lead from her.  A.J. Young also gets his lap back.

Dylan Andrew has issues had stalls on track, holding up traffic in the process.  Andrew would continue.  No caution.

One lap later, Geo Arias would also have problems.

But unlike Andrew, he would make it back to pit road.  He would lose a lap as a result.

CAUTION 3: LAP 21 Chuck Johnson would be the next one to lose grip and slide up the track. He would continue without a problem.

Vincenzo Fochesato's day would come to an end as he would blow up under caution.

RESTART: LAP 26 Aoi Mizushima leads on the restart after everybody pitted under the caution.  Geo Arias is on the tale end of the lead lap.

Bradley Carlisle would use the lapped trucks as a pick to take the lead from Mizushima.

CAUTION 4: LAP 26 JIC III slides up the track once again.

Drew McDaniel had issues under caution but would keep going.

Stacie St. Martin blows up after a decent run so far.

RESTART: LAP 31 Bradley Carlisle leads on the restart and pull away to a decent lead.

Taylor Brillon would take 2nd from Aille Riggs.

But then typical M&J reliability strikes again as she blows up.  She has still failed to finish a race this season.

Patrick Johannson also blows up on the same lap.  I guess this is the part of the race where everybody starts blowing up.

Johannson will not make it back to the pits, but no caution.

Angel Gray, the highest running regular, currently running 3rd ahead of points leader Jeremy Baker.

But Baker would then lose 4th to the much faster Geo Arias.

CAUTION 5: LAP 35 It's Angel Gray's turn to slide up the track out of 3rd.

Drew McDaniel has more issues and slides into the wall.

Geo Arias comes into pit road from 3rd.  He would be the only truck to do so.

JIC III would be the next engine to expire.

Richard Scott would have issues and would lose a number of laps on pit road.
Part 2:

RESTART: LAP 40 Bradley Carlisle continues to lead.

But the truck stalls coming to the restart.  Everyone would miss him.  No caution.  Carlisle would continue.

This would give the lead to hometown "favorite" Aille Riggs.

Until she hits the wall in a 3-wide situation coming out of turn 2, giving the lead to Jeremy Baker.

But Baker would quickly be dispatched by Aoi Mizushima.

Who would then lose the lead to A.J. Young (shocking I know). Mike Howard is now the highest running regular in 3rd.

Three-wide for the lead, as Angel Gray would take the position after spinning out.

Mike Howard would have a terminal issue with his truck, taking him out of the race.  This will definitely hurt Howard as he is essentially Jeremy Baker's only competition in the championship.

Geo Arias would now take the lead after being a lap down earlier in the race.

A.J. Young inevitably blows up.  Leaving both M&J trucks to fail to finish once again.

Bradley Carlisle blows up one lap later.  This is becoming almost as bad as Langhorne.

A.J. Reed actually having a great run currently running in 4th.  Jeremy Baker now running in 5th.

CAUTION 6: LAP 52 Dale Clough stalls on track just as the leaders are coming to lap him.  He would have to be towed to the pits, but he would continue.

RESTART: LAP 57 Geo Arias would lead on the restart.  Angel Gray in 2nd.  Allie Riggs in 3rd.  A.J. Reed in 4th.  Drew McDaniel, Richard Scott, and Dale Clough are multiple laps down at this point.

Here's a nice battle going on for 4th

Arias and Gray continue to battle for the lead as the laps wind down.

Baker and Reed still going at it for 4th.

Arias and Gray would contentiously swap back and forth for the lead for a number of laps.

Until Gray gets held up by Drew McDaniel.

Gray would quickly catch back up to Aille Riggs in 2nd.

But Gray would not be able to get away from Riggs.

Leaving Geo Arias uncontested for the rest of the race as he would win his first FARC LoBo Truck Tour victory.

A.J. Reed would blow up on the white flag lap, costing himself a top 5 finish.


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Re: (Truck Tour Race 6) Buffalo Downs

Post by racingfreak1999 on Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:35 pm

Rest of the race is posted. Along with results and points.

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