Open-Wheel Soundpacks

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Open-Wheel Soundpacks

Post by Cynon on Mon May 26, 2014 9:19 pm

It goes without saying, but I like all of these.

DW12 Soundpack -- The DW12 soundpack. Very Happy
Toyota Atlantic Soundpack -- From the Toyota Atlantic rFactor mod.
rFactor rF3 Soundpack -- rFactor rF3 soundpack.
Dallara IR07 Soundpack
DTM Soundpack -- Better for OWR physics.
Formula Armaroli Soundpack -- From the Formula Armaroli rFactor mod.
Cosworth Champ Car soundpack -- Remember that really crappy Champ Car soundpack I converted from rFactor like 3 years ago? I retouched it not too long ago... and it's better.

"F-Zero" Soundpack -- I got really, REALLY bored and threw this together a few years ago with a bunch of sounds from the Marathon trilogy (mostly) and other games...

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