Atctually, A profile Pic.

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Atctually, A profile Pic.

Post by Nickpericles(Driver) on Mon May 12, 2014 7:17 pm

Welp If anyone can help me get a new Profile Pic for youtube and This awesome Community?


A short-sword With Chaos Gamer Written In Caps.
The back-round would Have a teal tint to it with Warrors Fighting Behind it. (Like Blue verses red or something.
And Also If I get the clear For My team, (posiblly for next season) (and it would be for that seaosn ONLY) That *The last part will be Edited Later if needed.* You can Paint Oreo Paintschemes For My drivers, with Their Initials On the Hood. All of them would have well the normal Oreo! I dont know the numbers Yet so Save the file For a while. Thank you Hope you have a good day!
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