Shane Lake Interveiw

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Shane Lake Interveiw

Post by DAWGFATHER on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:26 am

Shane sat down with the local sports radio station in Waterville maine to discuss 2012...the fall out from jaguar and his injuries

Q. Shane what are your plans for 2012?
A. Well honestly im not sure. Theres 4 teams out there who are asking for me. I wont go into details but each team brings its own offer to the table and its own dynamic and it should be interesting to see where i go next season. But first things first I wanna put the #82D Dawgfathers bar and Grill car up front for pearson/Sweeney Motorsports.

Q. Why drive for them to finish the season?
A. 1 Word - Equipment. Some of the best out there.

Q. Talk to us about the injuries you suffered at Infineon
A. Well it was a weird deal. I was testing an open wheel car for a friend when we lost the left front rotor and the car barreled into the fence doing a buck 65. Hit hard enough to snap the steering wheel. Fractured my wrist and broke the ankle clean. Im healed up for the most part from that...the wrist is still pretty sore but I wont hold back. Even at 85% Im still better than most the feild at 100%.

Q. what happened at jaguar Racing?
A. lack of communication..plain and simple. When the team started stuggling I offered to pay for new parts and peices to make things better and I got brushed off. I guess they took me trying to motivate the team as talkin crap about them. But whatever its over and Im ready to move on.
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