Shigeaki Hattori Scorecard

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Shigeaki Hattori Scorecard

Post by Alta on Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:30 pm

I don't know this has ever been posted, but might as well.

For those of us here that remember the lovely days of Champ Car/CART, (or remember from his shortlived Nascar career and/or his Early 2000's Indycar Escapade) You may remember a driver called Shigeaki Hattori who raced for Bettenhausen Racing in 1999....You may also remember that he wasn't very good. But how bad was he you ask?

So bad that he got a scorecard for all the time he spun/wrecked.

Hattori spun 18 times in just 7 races to the ire of Champ Car officials.

Really hilarious read if you ask me.

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