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The Wesley Family Racing Team Thread

Post by Backmarker on Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:41 pm

Barney Ward to return to ARLA?

English racing driver Barney Ward gained notoriety in motorsports circles in 2012 after his disastrous ARLA Elite Series campaign, concluding in his competitor's license being revoked after the Buffalo Downs race. Since then, however, Ward has moved on to the Dash Cup series, where he has been quite competitive driving for Eichholtz Atlantic Racing.

Then, in the aftermath of the ARLA races at 70/77 Speedway, which saw Carlo de Pretto's release from Tom Delgado Racing, this exchange occured between Ward, ARLA driver Ryan Matthews, and Delgado via Twitter:

barneyward: @AshTucker it's just amazing how when one driver does that many stupid things in one race, they get fired immediately afterwards.
RyanMatthews @barneyward Speaking from experience, I see?
barneyward: @RyanMatthews I have somewhat mostly redeemed myself from my disastrous ARLA Career, especially since I do feel more at home competing in Dash Cup now.
RealTomDelgado: @barneyward One season elsewhere does not atone for misdeeds somewhere else. You must eventually return to the scene of the crime and make amends
Now it appears that ARLA regulars Wesley Family Racing, who field the #1 and #27 cars for Aaron Singer and Richard Scott, have decided to take up Delgado's challenge. Rumor has it that WFR met with Ward to dicuss fielding a third car for Ward at the Elite Series race at New York Autoring in October, when the Dash Cup is in the United States for the final races of their season. This offer would be dependent on ARLA officials granting Ward a license again, however.

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