Snake Coils/Plissken commercial that never materialized.

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Snake Coils/Plissken commercial that never materialized.

Post by SnakePlissken on Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:58 am

After Kurt Plissken won the 2013 Round of Sweden, I was attempting to try to get another "animated commercial" made (similar to the Jack Link's commercial several years back.) I culled together some images that I planned to incorporate into the television spot. I don't think I ever posted it publicly, but I ran across it again this morning and decided to share what I had gotten done back then:

It never got off the ground. I don't know if all you guys remember or not, but Ceej had a race in which he inserted "commercials" made by members into his race vids.  The above was an attempt to revisit that gimmick!

Snake Plissken: Get a new president!

Snake Plissken: When I get back, I'm going to kill you.

"Your rules are really beginning to annoy me."

"I used to rescue presidents, then I took an arrow in the knee...and still rescued the president." -Snake Plissken

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