Awesome NASCAR paint schemes

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Awesome NASCAR paint schemes

Post by Pyrozooka0 on Fri Sep 20, 2013 4:47 pm

Phase 2 of my world domination plan... I mean a counterpart to my other thread.

Yellow? Orange? eh, doesn't matter what color that is, it still looks cool.

Evernham+ Mountain Dew= pure awesomeness in paint scheme form.

I don't know why, but orange and black is usually a solid choice for a paint scheme.

the scale pattern is kind of lame, but the headlight stickers kick all sorts of ass.

who else is up for the 18 running a version of this scheme for a few races next year?

no clue why but I have always liked this scheme.

which one? well why cant it be both?

Some call it the Silver Select, others call it Silverwrench, and I've heard Silver Bullet once or twice. Personally, I just call it awesome

This car actually CHANGED COLORS while on track. How can I not consider it awesome?

Insert "drive through" racing pun here.
if I could find a good picture of the "Days of Thunder" themed car from this years July Daytona Nationwide race, it would be here too. This one is way funnier anyway. Bonus points for going the wrong way down pit road after crashing.

Looks even better in night races.

the only way this would have been better is if the 56 had ran a 5 hour energy scheme that week.

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