2013 Reject World Stock Car Championship (RWSCC)

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2013 Reject World Stock Car Championship (RWSCC)

Post by Veni Vidi Voeckler on Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:10 pm

The Reject World Order continues its march into EFR territory. First we had F1RWRS, now comes the RWSCC.

This is stock cars with a twist. There are ovals, there are road courses...and then there are extreme maps. 90 degree banking, 360 degree loops, turbo-boosting, adrenaline-pumping insanity.

This is also a series with a difference. You don't just submit your driver, you set their time, taking the wheel. The game uses Trackmania, which is available as a free download.

The season has already started, but is only 4 rounds in, having just completed the Monte Carlo round. While the likes of Antonio Delvecchio and Jules Connes occupy the top half of the championship, TMMC regular Mélanie Clévenot has had shockingly bad form so far, failling to finish in the top half of the field in any of her appearances.

Sign-ups however are still open. And thanks to the format, there is space for unlimited entrants! Choose from the typical four RL stock car manufacturers; Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota or Ford. Especially the last, they don't have any full time cars at the moment and are a long long way behind the other three in the championship!

Signups are open now, the next round will be available to download in a few days time. It will be standard oval fare, except with a couple of trackside hazards to watch for...

Entry form;
MANUFACTURER (Chevy/Dodge/Toyota/Ford):

All replays submitted for each race should be emailed directly to rwscc@outlook.com before the relevant deadline(s).

Wiki page

Previous Round[R]Monaco GP (26 Aug)
Current Round[O]Vatican City (8 Sept)
Next Round[X]Sapporo Superdome (TBA)
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Re: 2013 Reject World Stock Car Championship (RWSCC)

Post by SnakePlissken on Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:20 pm

I take it that you received Admin approval for this?!

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