Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix

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Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix Empty Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix

Post by Cynon on Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:07 am


Reject of the Race: Kurt Plissken
Threw away what should have been a really easy win.

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Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix Empty Re: Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix

Post by Alpineopossum on Tue Aug 06, 2013 5:56 pm

Difficult Debut for Sybilton

Alexander Sybilton had a difficult day at Karjala, including a collision with Adrien Devereux and a near miss with Melanie Clévénot. "We made it to the finish. That's like a victory in itself. We are a small team and we ran with some of the best in the world." Sybilton was critical of Devereux: "I'm not sure why he had to spin me like that. He has the ability to win without using those tactics. Don't mess with England Adrien: next time it won't be a rout: it'll be Agincourt!" Sybilton was apologetic to Clévénot. "That was my bad. I didn't realize it was the leaders until it was too late. I'm glad the Lynxe Ladies did as well as they did because they drove brilliantly. And it's a victory for England! So all is well. I'm not done with the Master Cup series, and if we can get some promoters options we will go for them."

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Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix Empty Re: Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix

Post by Chives2112 on Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:20 am

O'Reilly's Karjala Debut Ends In Turn 2 Retaining Wall

Andrew O'Reilly's magical TM Master Cup Series debut at the famed Karjala Grand Prix came to a crashing halt for the young Irishman after contact with several drivers, including Alli Culotta, Yamino Tenchi, and Chris Davenport in usual first lap mayhem fashion.

After missing the field during first day pole qualifying session, O'Reilly shocked many both in the paddock and in the stands by making a last-dash effort and squeezing his way into the field on the second day of pole qualifying by knocking out TM Master Cup Series regular Greg Woodard with a time of 1:36.440, good enough for 27th on the grid. O'Reilly's long shot effort with his Dash Cup team, Westockin Racing Team, was seen as a bit of feel-good story, as many didn't think they had enough speed in their Barry's Tea/Discover Ireland Omecha MA03 to make the field.

Come race day, however, all of that magical dream came to an end, when on the run to turn 2, O'Reilly was squeezed in the middle by Alli Culotta going off and coming back onto track and by Yamino Tenchi, who then made contact with Chris Davenport, which ended up sending O'Reilly across the track and gravel trap and hard into the retaining wall, ending O'Reilly's hopes of a successful Karjala Grand Prix by finishing 42nd, last in the field.

"First off, I'm honoured to be here in Karjala and I'm very thankful that the guys and gals of Westockin were able to field an entry for me for this race. Also, thank you to all of our sponsors and partners for joining our entry, and hopefully, we turned enough heads in practice and qualifying this week so more people might take notice of such a hard working team. I really had nowhere to go, as Alli [Culotta] went off and came back into me, so I was squeezed into the middle, where I made contact with several others and ended up into the wall. I think [Chris] Davenport didn't want to let off the gas, so he decided to plow right through me. What more could I've done, really? Anyway, I'm so grateful to be here and to make the show, and I hope some of this magic will continue to follow us over in our Dash Cup program," said O'Reilly after returning to his team in the paddock area.

It is unknown if either O'Reilly or Westockin will return to the TM Master Cup Series for more one-off events in the future, including Indianapolis or Decatur, as the team is currently working hard on their so far frustrating 2013 Dash Cup campaign and on their proposed 2014 plans in that same series.

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Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix Empty Re: Race 07: Karjala Grand Prix

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