Tammerzan Hospitalized in Ricin Scare; PCC Lights Driver in Custody

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Tammerzan Hospitalized in Ricin Scare; PCC Lights Driver in Custody

Post by Alpineopossum on Thu May 30, 2013 7:20 pm

Tammerzan Hospitalized in Ricin Scare; PCC Lights Driver in Custody

Authorities in Whistler, British Columbia have confirmed reports that PCC Cup Series driver Andrew Tammerzan has been hospitalized due to exposure to the poison ricin. The 28 year old received a package from a fellow driver, Ricky Baxx on May 29. It contained a letter saying "This is for your tax plan, you're the 1% and the revoluton [sic.] is coming" and contained a noticeable amount of a crystaline white substance. Tammerzan reported an illness this morning and admitted himself to the Whistler Healthcare Center where he tested positive for ricin. He was transferred to the emergency ward where he is in critical but stable condition. The package was traced to Richard "Ricky" Baxx, a fellow racing driver from Oakland, California. "I don't understand why he would do this. He and I talked and I even let him borrow my helmet. Incidently if Sara Gallagher is watching this, you and I need to go out sometime", Tammerzan said with some difficulty while on oxygen during a brief appearance on Canada's Sun News Network's Vancouver affiliate. "I really hope I can get back racing soon. This crap is messed up man..."

The cause of this incident became more clear this afternoon when an secretary of Ohio governor John Kasich reported that a box with a race helmet appeared in his office. She stated in a phone call "I wasn't sure what it was about. I heard JobsOhio was sponsoring a team so I figured it was connected to that. Apparently not." Baxx was arrested in a Washington DC hotel today. He has driven in the PCC Lights for the Occupy the PCC Cup Series team for some time. The team has not made a statement. It is unclear who will replace Tammerzan, who will miss the next two or three races due to complications, but sources close to the Canadian have said that Dutch driver Christjian Steyns or possibly former PCC Cup driver Kyle McWulla are strong candidates.

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