TMMC Indy One Off

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TMMC Indy One Off

Post by Jahgee1124 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:55 pm

Number: 112
Driver Name: Jacob Gregory
Manufacturer: Omecha MAO2
Mod: TMMC 2011
Tire Preference: (TMMC uses Cooper tires only, ARLA uses Rubber-Dub-Dub tires only. Just for reference.): Cooper
Additional Notes: Please make it look like a giant Jamaican flag, with Tempus Sans ITC for the Numbers. Please use white minimally with the following extra parts added on
Impact Driver Belts
Corvette Lines (Both of them)
Weird Giant Side Vents
Finntech Scoop
Aero Streaks
Grille Layout 1B
MAO2 Lights
And the colors
Green = 2F8729
Yellow = F7D600
Black = 000000
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