The Heirarchy of Motorsport (2011)

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The Heirarchy of Motorsport (2011)

Post by Cynon on Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:28 pm

Applies to stock cars only.

A List:
- TM Master Cup Series

B List:
- TM Lights (Stays where it is)

C List:
- American Racing League of America (ARLA)

D List:
- Continental Racing League (CRL)
- VSCC (Both are new series)
- ARLA Thunder Trucks

E List:
- ARLA Street Stocks
- Regional Series/The Minor Leagues*

In the canon but don't really count anywhere since they're open wheel series:
- V8 Champ Car (The IRL of the canon)
- Formula Overdrive (The Atlantic Championship of the canon)
- Formula A (The F1)

* - These are like local series... any series that I did not mention is not on the canon.

There's a few things all these series have in common:

- No real world manufacturers.
- I prefer fictional sponsors only because you can be more creative with them, but they're not a necessity.
- Anything below D-List should not be a regular speedway schedule. Events like the CRL's one venture to Coca-Cola (might rebrand and repost that track so racing at it is feasible) Raceway are fine... but if your series has Daytona, California, and Vegas... don't expect to make the cut.
- Anything on the list can be taken off.
- There's some manufacturers in the TMMC I'd rather you not use for an offline series. Don't bother asking me about the Saar Tyrant, Lenard Q9, Inglesby Flashback, Journey, STS Arrow or CM Nova -- use those at will.
- Do. Not. Go. To. The. Indianapolis. Motor. Speedway. I consider that sacred ground. Ask me before going there.

- There is an option for a ratings bonus for full-time drivers in one series that move down to another to increase realism. However the owners of both series + the driver in question will all need to give that driver's participation the green light.

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