Launch Red Alert 2013 Commercial

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Launch Red Alert 2013 Commercial

Post by Michael Sykes on Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:31 pm

Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

A rocket is ready to launch into space, it is roughly the same size as the original Apollo mission rockets, except the main part of the ship is a reflective red colour, with several designed areas in chrome, the letters are partially visible, however the scene jumps to...

Houston Space Centre

The flight director is pacing about the mission control room, we first see the NFL championship ring on his finger, before the camera tracks to his coaches headset, and we see multiple championship winning coach Ray Harell begin to speak to those in florida...

The rocket is about to be boarded, all with space helmets on, but one is wearing blue and yellow Launch Energy sponsored racing overalls, one in a extreme Gs ski-outfit also resplendent in launch colours, and the other wearing skateboard pads.

Ray Harell: ok final checks complete.

As the countdown from 10 begins, we flick between several shots of the people watching the rocket launch in Florida, back to the Houston mission control, and we still vaguely see the three ambiguously disguised Launch spokespeople getting strapped into the cockpit of the space rocket.

Tyrone Fleck (the skateboarder): Three

Gina Ciena (the extreme skier): Two

Michael Sykes (the racing driver): One

we then hear someone say "Lift off" as the screen now shows the full detail of the rocketship, with the words...

RED ALERT full glory as the rocket thrusts into the sky, we get to see some cheesy CG effects and fake camera shake, the smoke trail is mostly red in colour as is the flames coming from the massive exhausts... it pushes into the stratosphere, the rocket begins to powerslide as if it were a car, we then focus back in the cockpit...

Sykes: EASY, TIGER!! he is in control of the rocket ship with the same steering wheel from his race car, he looks at the other two beside him...

Syles: Seriously, who designed this?

...the rocket corrects itself and flies off into space, back at Houston mission control all jump and cheer at a successful take off.

Ray Harell: YEAH!!! GET SOME!!!

...two random Football players in launch sponsored kit then empty a large bucket of launch over Ray Harell

The scene returns to the flying can of Red Alert in the sky as it continues to shoot off into space.

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