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Been too long...

Post by SpinDragun on Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:28 am

Man...going on 5 months since I've done anything in the digital art realm worth mentioning. No time though, with college and a tear in my cornea about 2 months back*, I've just been swamped. But that's changing with 3 more weeks of vacation time now Twisted Evil

It's animation domination, courtesy of Spin. Problem is, I need more experience with vectors to begin animating (more specifically, Adobe's vectors). So I threw this together in a few hours for my first DP vector image:

Learned that Illustrator can save me a lot of time and is pretty easy to learn after a trip through the deviantArt/youtube tutorials. Plan on making some custom presentation car templates (similar to what jayski has posted) in due time.

Have a feeling snake will ask, "have you been watching more DP reruns?" Answer: yes...but only because I ended up writing a 13 page report on how ancient egyptian art relates to anime and cartoons (did 3 pages on 1 episode of DP alone lol). Got a 95/100 on it, with a comment about how much the professor loved reading the paper as it was such a unique idea. In the end, I watched cartoons and got an A by doing so.

*how? july 2011 I had surgery done to replace a torn retina. numerous complications arose, to the point where it wasn't just simple laser surgery anymore. they left a scratch on my cornea and eventually caught on my eyelid when waking up one morning. midway through month 2/3 of my recovery now.
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