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Back to the drawing board...

Post by SpinDragun on Tue Jul 10, 2012 2:26 am

I've had my new laptop for about 4 months...and my old laptop's wallpaper wasn't cutting it. It was just made too small (fits a 15.6" screen, this laptop's a 17.3" i think). So, to be lazy I just left it unfized But, I like to mix it up and that wallpaper's pixelation started irritating me. Figured I'd made a new one.

My old wallpaper, Ember McLain and Rockstar Energy:

All stretched out:

My new wallpaper, Penelope Spectra and Rockstar Energy:

It works for now...but in due time, I'll design a new Ember wallpaper.

In other news, a recent google search gives me this...and a mild headache:

Ember on the far right...that's mine. *facepalm* but I guess it shows people dig my work enough to get it higher in the search request.
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