RROL Grand Prix Of Clairmont Thread

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RROL Grand Prix Of Clairmont Thread

Post by f1fan12 on Thu May 31, 2012 6:34 am

Clairmont Sponsership Propsal draws contreversy from the RROL paddock

Newly announced COO of RROL, Mark Hamilton, received a proposal that the Grand Prix Of Clairmont may have a huge sponsor deal from, a Japanese based, Icarus Technologies. The proposed prize money would consist of at least, 2.5 million dollars. The winner will also win a lifetime supply of Icarus Technologies products, from TV's to Stereo’s to household appliances. It has been announced by COO Mark Hamilton that “this race will be a test of endurance, with the race clocking in somewhere around 500 miles long. But Hamilton was quick to say, "This race will not be an "Endurance Race like ARLA runs." Because there will be no driver swaps." The company behind this proposal, Icarus Technologies, is relatively unknown in this country. This move has also drawn critics from drivers and team owners, most notably Co-owner of Arrow Dynamics Sulinder Pushanda. He posted a statement, “The RROL would be blatantly copying Hanmore, they are doing the exact same thing with their season finale at Texas. Except Hanmore, is actually a company I’d trust to follow through with their proposal, rather than an unknown Japanese company." The round of Clairmont has been considered to be one of the more prestigious RROL events, it is the only event in Canada on the 2012 schedule. At this time, it is unknown whether the RROL will accept this proposal.

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Re: RROL Grand Prix Of Clairmont Thread

Post by Alpineopossum on Thu May 31, 2012 3:49 pm

Taylor, Jonathan Against Proposal

RROL drivers Cameron Taylor and Scott Jonathan were quick to come out against the proposed changes to Clairmont round.

"Racing is something for companies to advertise through. This makes the RROL's most prestigious race a marketing fiasco for a big corporation." Jonathan said.

"This type of thing is why a lot of last years VSCC teams aren't here. This deal makes Clairmont a joke. If they are doing driver swaps it would be better. Because 500 miles at Clairmont will cause problems.

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