PCC Cup Manufacturer standings through Decatur

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PCC Cup Manufacturer standings through Decatur

Post by Mother of Invention on Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:52 pm

I got bored and thought I could try to do this.

I gave the 10 highest finishing makes points in a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 format. I skipped over repeat makes, so for instance if Chevy got a 1-2 finish, Chevy would still get only 10 points for being highest make. Also Mustangs and Camaros were separate from Ford and Chevy.

Bolded Italics mean make is no longer in PCC Cup

(Wins are in Parenthesis)

Chevy 137pts (6)
Gasnier 104pts (3)
Lexus 79pts (3)
Omecha 77pts (1)
Rolls-Royce 67pts
Inglesby 55pts (1)
Ford 52pts
Raptor 48pts
Dodge 47pts
Toyota 43pts
Volpi 37pts (1)
Fortner 32pts (1)
Nemoto 19pts
Xenos 15pts
Tonare 13pts
Camaro 11pts
SAAR 10pts
Gessler 9pts
Katzev 5pts
Mustang 4pts
Duncan 4pts
Tutino 2pts
Lenard 0pts
Peugeot 0pts
BMW 0pts
Cozy Coupe 0pts
Cromwell 0pts
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Re: PCC Cup Manufacturer standings through Decatur

Post by Syzygy on Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:37 am

I like this idea a lot, keep it up.

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