Dwyer One-Offs (2)

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Dwyer One-Offs (2)

Post by Rykia on Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:30 pm

Done. Do not post a reply.
Number: 86x
Driver Name: Mac Rhylen/Jake Wareru (USA/USA)
Manufacturer: Cromwell
Primary Sponsor: Example: Bloody X (Fic. version of Hot Topic)
Associate Sponsors: Same as Primary
Tire Preference: RubberDubDub
Additional Notes: Basically create the Bloody X logo in a font that would be comparable to the HT logo.

Number: x2
Driver Name: Henry Santos/Jason Harrison (USA/USA)
Manufacturer: Cromwell
Primary Sponsor: Example: Full Throttle Stock Car Group (FTSCG)
Associate Sponsors: Same as primary
Tire Preference: Rubberdubdub
Additional Notes: Make the Sponsor logo however you want (The sponsor is the team name). I was thinking a Red Bull-ish vibe from the base.

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