Formula X1 2012 Test Season

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Formula X1 2012 Test Season

Post by Jahgee1124 on Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:36 pm

Formula X1

In 2009, with the help of technical designer Sebastian "SeaBass" Vettel and Formula A Driver Adrian Newey, Red Bull designed a race car which was there vision of a perfect racecar. The car, which weighs less than half a ton, has an innovative fan on the back that allowed it to break the track record at Monza (Which the Dash Cup will race at later this year) by over 20 seconds. The top speed of the car is over 300 MPH and has almost 1600HP. After testing this car at Nurburg, Suzuka and Monza, it was determined that a series could be done. To assure themselves, they are holding a 5 race season to test the viability of multiple X1's together on a track.

Signups are limited to 2 cars per person and 1 team per person. Your drivers must be different colors. I will not be participating to avoid bias. Fill out the forms below if you are interested. Your team must have 2 drivers to be eligible for the team championship.

Driver Name/Age/Past Experience: (Must have raced in a top series to be allowed entry and must be realistic)
Car Color #: (See the Section below if you are confused)

Team Name: (Realistic please)
Team Drivers: (You may team up with another single driver to form a team)

Car Colors Backstory
When Red Bull made their potent X1, they tested compounds that could be used to color the vehicle. After months of testing, it was determined that there were only 20 compounds in existence that are light, aerodynamic & light enough to be used on a racing X1. They had made an unpainted version that was used as a test car as well as a showroom car designed in the same way that Newey's Formula A car is designed. If you go to a Red Bull showroom to acquire a X1, they hand you the following sheet and you pick your color there. This is the sheet that they hand you at the showroom:

Monaco GP Circuit: The classic Monaco GP is held in these potent machines
Delano Superspeedway: A Superspeedway is needed to test bump drafting in a X1 but Red Bull wanted them to use right turns, so the race will be in a clockwise rotation
Daytona Road Course: A road course with banks
Spa-Francorchamps: X1's need to be tested during the rain, and what better place than one that seems to rain 24/7
Nurburgring Nordschleife: To test the durability and usefullness of the X1 lights, a track with next to no lights was needed, what better place than the birth of the X1 project.

Current Drivers/Colors

Individual Standings

Team Standings
Development Series Rookie
Development Series Rookie

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Re: Formula X1 2012 Test Season

Post by Cynon on Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:55 pm

Remember when I said prove to me you can do this?

I didn't say post the thread anywhere in the PM I sent you.


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