[VSCC] 2012 Terra International Motorsports Possible Cars

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[VSCC] 2012 Terra International Motorsports Possible Cars

Post by gwoodard41 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:56 pm

Sarah Xavier - 678 DeviantArt 2012 Lycoia Brute [VSCC Spec]

I sense a bit of Deja Vu! Seeing as the car never made it past the qualifiers, it is still a nice car and deserves some air time, providing Woody gives me the go ahead of having my team join the fray Very Happy Wink

Charles Darson - 864 *Sponsor TBA* Lycoia Brute [VSCC Spec]

I'm actually thinking of either taking the polaris car from Decatur and doing the same thing I did for the DeviantArt car, or just doing a car that has no relation to anything I've done other than using one of my drivers.

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