Drivers Doing Other Things

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Drivers Doing Other Things

Post by f1fan12 on Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:34 am

Racing drivers, once they retire or can't find a ride, have still been involved with racing. Who has done the best in their other racing community jobs.

James Hunt- Funny commentator who wasn't afraid to speak his mind. He did fantastic. But died in his prime.
Darrell Waltrip- Annoyining, but I may get slottered for this, there have been much worse. He actually isn't bad at communicating what the drivers are doing.

David Coulthard- BBC Formula 1 commentator, I really don't like him as much as I would Eddie Jordan. He doesn't show the personality, broadcasting then he was racing.

Dan Wheldon- I wish we could have seen more of him in the Broadcasting booth, he clearly called out Sato and Viso in the Twins say somthing like, "I give a little bit more room around him." Or, "EJ Viso is one I feel uncomfurtable around, and I mean that in the least disrespectful way." While still giving accurate info. Due to his racing knowlage, He was probably one of the smartest commentators I have heard. To bad we didn't get to her more of him.

Derek Daly- Ugggh, why does everyone like him. After his stint with Ralph Sheheen (SP?) covering selected Formula 1 races in 05, which were the absoulute worst coverage I have ever seen, he and Ralph pronounced half of the names wrong, had countless factual errors, and only made me want to get Speed back. Luckly they didn't get the Monoco GP like they were suppost to.

Herman (Kenny Wallace)- HYPER ACTIVITY, when he covered an IROC race I had to turn my TV down just because of his screaming.

Rusty Wallace- Good racer, boring commentator, don't ask about his Indy Stint.

More to come

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Re: Drivers Doing Other Things

Post by PKligBKFan on Wed Feb 01, 2012 7:21 am

Kenny Wallace may get hyper, but he is hilarious and a damn good pit road reporter/commentator!

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