NASCAR Predictions and Predicaments: 2011 So far.

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NASCAR Predictions and Predicaments: 2011 So far.

Post by Alta on Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:16 pm

Remember when we posted a pre-season predicts at the beginning of the season, With the forum change i thought it would be a good time to check in on how our predicts have gone so far.

Here's what i predicted at the beginning of the year.


Johnson wins Numero 6, Causing alot of Nascar's fanbase to ragequit.
- Possible. The way Jimmie's season has been going this might be the year he cracks...But then again chase time isn't to far off

Chase Ratings will tank even more. -
Possible. Ratings have been up throughout the year...Chase hasn't occured though.

Kevin Harvick will once again kill everyone up till chase time.
- Wrong. Although Harvick has been up there, It appears Carl Edwards is the class of the field so far.

Junior gets even worse, ends up around 28th place in points.
- Wrong. Junior has been up atop the points for most the season even though he's been sliding down the points as of late.

Carl Edwards Vs Brad Keselowski Round 9000.
- Possible. With these two you don't know.

Vickers comes close to chase but barely misses, has a decent year back.
- Wrong. Vickers has been no where all season and has been commonly seen crashing or having mechanical issues.

Allmendinger finally wins.
- Possible. Dover seems to Allmendinger's strong track so will have to see.

Marcos Ambrose wins a road course race
- Possible. Glen is this week.

Kentucky will be boring.
- Correct. It's kind of bad when i got out to do something at one point of the race, Race was a total fiasco from a fan's standpoint

Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson will finally throw punches.
- Possible. So close at Pocono. Crying or Very sad

McMurray makes the chase.
- Wrong. McMurray has been terrible this season and is no where near chase contention.

Regan Smith will have an amazing run and have something go horribly wrong and end up dropping out of the race.
- Correct. Daytona with a crash in the closing laps...although he did rally back up to 7th.

Brian Keselowksi makes the rookie of the year pointless. - Wrong. I meant Andy Lally.

Kyle Busch will somehow get him self suspended.
- Possible. Although he is Nascar's golden boy i'm waiting for him to screw up royally.

Martin makes the chase. Proving for McGrew it was the driver of the #88.
- Possible. Mark better turn on last run to make it mode or he's done.

Jeff Gordon wins a race.
- Correct. Make that two.


Montreal will once again prove why it needs to be on the cup schedule.
- Possible. Hasn't occurred yet.

Villeneuve will win Montreal, Inciting a fan riot - Hasn't occurred yet. May happen.

Danica cracks a top 10 finish. Danica is decticated an entire post race show. - Correct. Has done it 3 times i believe. Although they didn't fap to her as i thought they would.

Eillott Sadler will became hated.
- Possible. If he wrecks Jr or something

Sadler wins the the championship over Almirola
- Possible. Sadler needs to get into fight for the title mode or this won't happen.

Mark Martin Vs Kyle Busch most wins talk will start up.
- Correct. I <3 ESPN.

Ricky Stenhouse will win in bs fashion, he will also continue to show us his arca brakes. - Semi-Wrong. Stenhouse does legit fashion, Can't remember the last time he derped though.

Brian Scott gets a win.
- Possible. Although really unlikely, miracles could happen.


Truck series continues to get more boring.
- Semi-wrong. Although has had boring points, the season has been largely meh.

Piquet does....decent.
- Correct. Piquet has been in contention for a few wins this year.

Norm Benning continues to be the only truck driver to pass people backwards.
- Correct. Norm Benning!!111

Chris Fontaine will pull off an upset victory.
Possible. Waiting for Tally.

Bodine wins title over Hornaday. - Possible. Although both have been largely mediocre this season.

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Re: NASCAR Predictions and Predicaments: 2011 So far.

Post by Chives2112 on Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:48 pm

I love this idea!


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