What If - Pennzoil, Discount Tire, and Brian Keselowski

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What If - Pennzoil, Discount Tire, and Brian Keselowski

Post by Magus978 on Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:56 pm

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As we know, during the offseason there was a mini-campaign to put Brian Keselowski in the #22 Pennzoil car. Well, here's a hypothetical scenario. Pennzoil wants Brian Keselowski to drive the #22, but instead Penske goes and hires A.J. Allmendinger. Pennzoil then leaves the #22, and signs a deal to sponsor the #92 in 2012. To complete the deal, Discount Tire comes along from the #22 Nationwide team to be a co-sponsor. With this new-found support from Pennzoil and Discount Tire for the 2012 season, Brian Keselowski announces his intentions to run the full 2012 campaign for Rookie of the Year honors (I believe he's still eligible as he only made one race last season).

Left side sponsor logo seems to get cut out a bit
White chevy text will be changed to red

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