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 1 NascarAwesomeSquid24 NascarAwesomeSquid24NASCAR Memes2018-08-12Today at 9:32 pm4    
 2 Mother of Invention Mother of Invention2011-08-08Today at 1:25 pm3    
 3 JMac525 JMac525What did Zelda say to Link when he couldn't open the door? ....Triforce. (*facepalm)2011-08-13Today at 7:35 pm2    
 4 Woody Woody2011-08-07Today at 9:50 pm2    
 5 Cardinals5 Cardinals5Sarcasm, asdf movies, The Daily Show2011-11-24Today at 6:40 pm1    
 6 Magus978 Magus978RIP Mario. 1990-Chicken2011-08-06unknown1    
 7 avatar The_Wall_91*cough*2016-02-03Today at 5:37 pm1